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Klein High Leverage Ironworker’s Pliers


These Klein Tools High-Leverage Ironworker’s Pliers have induction hardened side-cutting knives for imrproved durabiliy and a longer lifespan. They have heavy duty knurled jaws and a spring-loaded self-opening on hot-riveted joint for smooth, easy, and powerful action. The high-leverage design with ”handform” handles and the rivet being closer to the cutting edge allows for 46 percent more cutting and gripping power.

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  • Twists and cuts soft annealed rebar tie wire
  • High-leverage design. Rivet is closer to the cutting edge for 46-percent greater cutting and gripping power than other plier designs
  • Hook bend handle
  • Spring-loaded action for self-opening
  • Induction hardened cutting knives for long life
  • Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble
  • Heavy-duty knurled jaws
  • Unique handle tempering helps absorb the ”snap” when cutting wire
  • Precision-hardened plier head for on-the-job toughness
  • Plastic-dipped handles for comfort and ease of identification
  • ”Handform” handles for full gripping and cutting power
  • Custom, US-made tool steel


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