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Klein Side Cutting Pliers Fish Tape Pulling


These Klein Tools Side Cutting and Fish Tape Pulling Pliers have high-leverage design with their rivet closer to the cutting edge, generating 46-percent greater cutting and gripping power. They are built with forged steel that has been induction hardened to make the knives have a long life. The streamline design features sure-gripping, cross-hatched knurled jaws.

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  • Quickly and easily pulls 1/8-Inch (3 mm) or 1/4-Inch (6 mm) flat steel fish tape without damaging the tape
  • High-leverage design. Rivet is closer to the cutting edge for 46-percent greater cutting and gripping power than other plier designs
  • Induction hardened cutting knives for long life
  • Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble
  • Streamlined design with sure-gripping, cross-hatched knurled jaws
  • Unique handle tempering helps absorb the ”snap” when cutting wire
  • Precision-hardend plier head for on-the-job toughness
  • State-of-the-art, dual-material Journeyman™ handles provide a better grip without sacrificing tool strength and durability
  • Hard, black material for toughness and durability
  • Soft material on outer surface for comfort and a firm grip
  • Color-coded handles allow quick identification of tool
  • ”Handform” handles for full gripping and cutting power


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