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The Slammer Hammer a.k.a – Peashooter, is a slide hammer tool for driving nails in places that are hard to reach or that limit the swinging room needed to use a conventional hammer.

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The Slammer Hammer a.k.a. Peashooter comes from the concrete forming industry where carpenters often need to reach through, into and around rebar and other obstacles to nail down forms to pour concrete into. Before the Slammer Hammer, laying chamfer strip into a corner while trying to reach through rebar was one of the most frustrating tasks. It meant bashed knuckles, a sore wrist and a lot of time spent on a small job. Many makeshift versions of the tool, such as a piece of rebar sliding through a piece of pipe or tubing, have often been made up on job sites but are awkward and still required reaching in and setting the nail with a hammer and then switching tools to finish the job. The Slammer Hammer is the first to take the key points of ease of use, durability and safety and put them into one quality tool. This compact design allows the user to load a nail, set it and drive it in a couple seconds all using just one easy to use tool.

Although the Slammer Hammer began as a solution for concrete formers it has since proven to be a useful toolbox addition. It can be easier to use than a hammer for many novices who have trouble just setting a nail and avoiding their own fingers.

For a general contractor it is also a good sleeper to have in the toolbox for reaching into tight spaces such as in crawl spaces, under floor, stair and ceiling cavities. Basically putting nails into all the hard to reach cracks and crevices that a tradesman runs into on the job site has become a lot easier.

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Weight5.5 lbs
Dimensions28 x 3.5 x 3.5 in


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