SP-PS/PSB 300/5 – Splinter Guards (5x)


Jigsaw Splinter Guard, 5-Pack

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Solid one-piece, transparent splinter guard for Festool jigsaws. With the first cut, the splinterguard is perfectly matched to the inserted blade, providing a zero-clearance insert for precision cutting. The splinterguard significantly improves the cut quality and eliminates time-consuming rework by reducing tear-out, even in delicate to cut materials like melamine. Use a new splinterguard with a new blade or when there is a noticeable drop in cut quality. Jigsaw blade not included. Includes 5 Replacement Splinterguards.

  • Solid one-piece, transparent splinterguard for Festool jigsaws
  • Zero-clearance insert reduces the chance of tear-out.
  • Works with Festool PS300, PSB300, and Carvex jigsaws
  • Includes 5 Replacement Splinterguards
Weight0.1 lbs
Dimensions1.97 × 0.91 × 4.72 in


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