ETS EC 150/3 Brushless 6″ Random Orbit Sander


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More power with less vibration

Equipped with the EC-TEC® Brushless Motor, these low-profile, long-life, and low-vibration sanders can run all day with multiple shifts. Available in a fine 3 mm stroke or a broader 5 mm stroke, these sanders offer the performance of an air sander without the expense and bulk of an air system.  These sanders are equipped with innovative features, which include Multi-Jetstream dust extraction, extraction connection signal, electronic active vibration stop, carbide-tipped sanding brakes and much more – making them the ultimate high-demand sanding tools.

  • Ergonomic and comfortable: Compact design and ergonomic grip for greater flexibility in all sanding tasks with less user fatigue.
  • Effective and long-lasting: Power through the toughest demands with EC TEC brushless motors delivering a constant powerful stream of performance.
  • Efficient and productive: Designed with dust extraction efficiency in mind the new ETS EC sanders integrate seamlessly into the Festool sanding solutions system.

Features & Benefits.

Increased Flexibility

Increased FlexibilityAllowing for less fatigue and more control, these compact sanders have a lower design height (116 mm) and a rubberized top grip to fit any size hand.

Better Dust Control

Better Dust ControlElectronic hose detection sensor alerts the user if the dust extraction hose becomes disconnected, helping to ensure a better finish result and cleaner work environment.

Less Fatigue

Less FatigueActive electronic vibration control constantly monitors sanding activity to ensure easy operation and a smooth surface, while minimizing arm strain for less fatigue.

Less Downtime

Less DowntimeStickFix minimizes the downtime of changing abrasives and increases overall savings. Additionally, the resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing lead to longer abrasive and pad life.

1/8″ Sanding Stroke

1/8The ETS 150/3 EQ sander is distinguished by its stroke length which is design for superfine sanding.

Increased Pad Control

Increased Pad ControlEquipped with carbide inserts for long life and sure stops, the Pad Brake stops the pad quickly, so you can worry less about damaging your freshly finished workpiece when setting your tool down.

Lower Replacement Cost

Lower Replacement CostThe EC-TEC® Brushless Motor delivers more power to the pad, with a higher degree of efficiency and lower replacement costs, so there’s no downtime for brush replacement.

Power Switch

Power SwitchUnlike a standard “dummy switch”, the ETS EC 150/3’s power switch can be turned on and left on no matter how you hold the sander—providing you with an easier and more relaxed hand position while working.


Dust Extraction Port27 mm
Motor TypeEC–TEC Brushless Motor
Pad Size6″ Diameter (150 mm)
Power Consumption400 watts (3.3 amps, 120 V AC)
Sanding Stroke1/8″ (3.0 mm)
Speed6,000 – 10,000 RPM
SystainerSYS 2 TL
Weight2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg)

Additional information

Weight7.7 lbs
Dimensions15.55 × 11.61 × 6.50 in


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