Rotex RO 150 FEQ – Sander


It is easy when you own a ROTEX multi-mode sander to move seamlessly between rough sanding and final sanding without switching your sander. Use the aggressive action to quickly and efficiently remove wood, paint, or varnish. Switch to the fine setting for final finishing. Equip your ROTEX with polishing pads, sponges, felts or sheepskin and get astonishing finishes that gleam with brilliance.

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Refined power

Never before has such a powerful sander been so refined. The Rotex RO 150 changes effortlessly from coarse sanding, to fine sanding, to polishing. Changing sanding pads is simple, and requires no extra tools. 720 Watts of power means the RO 150 can take on any job. Yet its 5 lb. frame, minimal vibration and superior ergonomic design make it so easy to work with. The gear box is completely enclosed and impervious to dust, making the RO 150 extremely reliable, even in the most demanding environments.

  • Dual-Mode Sanding with a gear-driven, aggressive mode for rapid stock removal or polishing and random orbital mode for fine sanding.
  • Jetstream dust extraction design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes, and longer abrasive and pad life.
  • FastFix tool-free backing pad changing system allows the sander to adapt to different surfaces and tasks with appropriate pads.
  • Compact Size with a compact form and a 6″ pad, the RO 150 delivers performance to even the tightest of places.

Features & Benefits.

Dual-Mode Sanding

Dual-Mode SandingOperate in gear-driven, aggressive mode for rapid stock removal, or switch to random orbital mode for fine sanding.

Power & Size

Power & SizeWith 720 watts and dual-mode capability, the 6″ RO 150 is your full-size option for the toughest tasks.

Dust Extraction

Dust ExtractionJetstream design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes, and longer abrasive and pad life.

FastFix Pad Changes

FastFix Pad ChangesTool-less pad design allows you to quickly transition between pads, minimizing downtime.

Edge Protector

Edge ProtectorProtective bumper guard allows you to sand right up to adjacent surfaces without concern for damage. Also prevents jolting when sanding close to walls or edges.

Detachable Extraction Channel

Detachable Extraction ChannelThe RO 150 incorporates a removable extraction channel, streamlining the tool for tasks such as polishing.

MMC Electronics

MMC ElectronicsElectronic controls deliver soft-start, step-less variable speed control, constant speed under load, and thermal and overload protection.

Enclosed Gear Unit

Enclosed Gear UnitPrevents dust from entering the gear and bearing unit, vastly extending the service life of the tool.

StickFix Hook & Loop Design

StickFix Hook & Loop DesignFast and easy abrasive removal with resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing, leading to longer abrasive and pad life.

Plug-It Power Cord

Plug-It Power CordInterchangeable cord design allows you to quickly switch between tools.

Auxiliary Handle

Auxiliary HandleThe included auxiliary handle provides additional control when performing aggressive sanding operations.


Comes with: Auxiliary side handle
 Edge protector
 Plug-it power cord
 Removable dust channel
 StickFix sanding pad
Dust extraction port(27 mm)
Pad diameter6″ (150 mm)
Power consumption720 watts / 6 amps 120 v AC
Sanding stroke3/16″ (5 mm)
Speed eccentric motion3300 – 6800 opm
Speed rotary motion320 – 660 rpm
Weight5 lbs. (2.3 kg)

Additional information

Weight11.6 lbs
Dimensions15.55 × 11.61 × 6.5 in


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