CT MIDI – HEPA Dust Extractor


With its manageable size, large wheels, low center of gravity, and ergonomically balanced design the CT Midi dust extractor allows you to move effortlessly around the jobsite. The CT Midi is compact and light weight, but has enough capacity for common jobsite tasks.

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The CT MINI and CT MIDI are Festool’s most portable mobile dust extractors. They are compact and light weight, but have enough capacity for common jobsite tasks. The CT MIDI is slightly larger in size, but offers increased capacity for heavier on-site use. Sporting large wheels and double casters, these units can easily negotiate obstacles in the shop or on the worksite. With 130 CFM and only 62 dB (on low setting), these CTs can quickly and quietly remove large amounts of debris, with minimal noise distractions. One disposable filter comes standard on the CT MINI and CT MIDI, with the option of additional dry and wet filters to meet your every need. The integrated hose garage keeps hoses and cords well organized and makes Systainer transport simple and efficient.

  • Wet/Dry vac with tool-triggered auto start function that runs when connected tool runs and with variable suction force for different applications.
  • 11-1/2 foot anti-static hose is flexible and kink-resistant and stores neatly into the top of the unit for protection and easy transport.
  • Compact, light weight, and portable with recessed center handle and Sys-dock feature to attach Festool Systainers to the top.
  • Integrated foot brake quickly engages to prevent unintentional run-off or movement.

Features & Benefits

Filter Bag

Filter BagDisposable, two-ply filter bags are particularly tear-resistant; an integrated dust cap prevents dust from spilling during disposal.

Tool-Less Main Filter & Water Level Detector

Tool-Less Main Filter & Water Level DetectorThe main filter can be changed without using tools. The internal sensors monitor the fluid level, for wet applications, and switch the mobile dust extractor off automatically when the container is full.

Automatic Tool Start & Adjustable Suction

Automatic Tool Start & Adjustable SuctionSmooth start, infinitely adjustable electronic air flow control and tool-triggered or manual on-off switch ensures convenient and efficient dust control.

Convenient Carry Handle

Convenient Carry HandleThe ergonomic handle makes maneuvering these small and light dust extractors a breeze.

Foot Brake

Foot BrakeQuick on/off foot actuated brake prevents roll-off during usage or during transport.

Anti-Static Hose

Anti-Static HoseAs with all CT dust extractors, the 1 1/16″ x 11.5′ (27mm x 3.5m) antistatic hose comes standard.


MobilityThe manageable size makes it easy to transport or carry up stairs.

Large Wheels

Large WheelsLarge wheels, low center of gravity, and ergonomically balanced design allows you to move the CT effortlessly around the jobsite.

Weight26.1 lbs
Dimensions13.50 × 18.00 × 22.00 in


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