Oscillating Multi-Tool Vecturo OS 400 Set


The ultimate in versatility, the Vecturo oscillating multi-tool combines limitless functionality and power with exceptional controllability, delivering precise results in the trickiest of places.

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With industry-first, tool-less Plunge Base and Depth-Stop (sold separately or included with the Vecturo Set), the Vecturo oscillating multi-tool stands apart, delivering a level of cutting precision customers can only expect from Festool. Ergonomic handling and tool-less everything translates to faster, more comfortable work with less downtime.

Versatility – Cut, scrape or score virtually any material, thanks to a wide variety of blades and variable speed.

Controllability – Achieve accurate, to-the-line cuts anywhere in the material, thanks to the optional Plunge Base and slim body design.

Fast and Simple – Power through the most challenging tasks with ease thanks to hassle-free, tool-less base and cutter changes.


  • 400-Watt motor producing up to 18,500 oscillations per minute
  • 4-degree oscillation amplitude for ultimate super-cutting speed
  • Optional Plunge Base and Depth-Stop for added functionality and precision

An oscillating tool with power and precision

Festool has added power, reduced the vibration, and added several amazing accessories to improve the oscillating multi-tool segment. The Depth Stop makes it simple to limit the depth of cut when making plunge cuts, like cutting trim or flooring. The Depth Stop shoe can limit the depth of cut in applications like cutting drywall where you need to avoid cutting too deep and hitting plumbing or electrical wires. The Plunge Base makes it easy to do cut outs without blade wander, for precise and accurate cuts every time. The Vecturo Oscillating Multi-tool has 400 watts of power and a large oscillation frequency of four degrees, allowing it to outperform similar tools.

Benefits of the Vecturo Oscillating Multi-Tool.

  • 400 watt motor and 4° oscillating amplitude make cuts quicker than other multi-tools.
  • Plunge Base with magnetic strip prevents blade vibration and wander for accurate cuts.
  • Depth-Stop for quick, precise adjustment for accurate cut depths.
  • High-performance multi-tool for interior construction and reno work.
  • Quick, tool-free blade changes with the FastFix lever.
  • Cut, scrape or score virtually any material, thanks to a wide variety of blades and variable speed.
  • Great ergonomics and low vibration for fatigue-free extended use.

Oscillating tool Plunge Base

Precision plunge cuts with an oscillating tool.

Historically, other oscillating tools have been plagued with one simple problem, controllability. Festool developed a solution for this problem in the form of its Plunge Base for the Vecturo Oscillating Tool. The Plunge Base aids with aligment during plunge cuts and prevents blade wander, as well as vibration, with an ingenious magnetic strip. Plunge cuts are smooth and accurate with the invaluable accessory, included with the Set Version of the Vecturo. The Plunge Base can be rotated to various angles to suit your needs.

Accuracy: a word rarely associated with oscillating tools.

Oscillating tools are extremely versatile and a staple in the arsenal of any professional. However, as a freehand operated tool, they suffer from some issues including controllability. Festool has overcome this deficiency by developing a Depth-Stop system for the Vecturo Osciallating Tool.

Oscillating Multi-Tool door jamb

The Depth-Stop has two “feet” that can be used interchangeably to control the depth of cut. Using the Vecturo as a jamb saw is a perfect example of when the Depth-Stop plays an important role in controllability, limiting the depth of the cut.

The skid foot for the Depth-Stop is perfect for operations like cutting drywall. The skid limits the depth of cut to protect electrical and plumbing behind the wall, also adding a layer of safety for the operator of the tool.

The Depth-Stop and its feet can be rotated as needed to various angles.

Oscillating Multi-Tool Depth-Stop



Comes with:(1) Round Wood Blade, 500139
(1) Universal Blade, 500129
(1) Wood Blade, 500128
13′ Plug-It Cord
Depth-Stop, 500160
Plunge Base, 500161
Systainer SYS 2
Amplitude (Left/Right)2.0° (4.0° combined)
Blade Changing SystemQuick-release lever, FastFix
Oscillating Frequency10,000 – 18,500 opm
Power400 Watts (3.3 amps, 120V AC)
Weight3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)
Weight9.8 lbs
Dimensions15.6 × 11.6 × 6.5 in


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