CMS-VL MFT/3 Router Table Set


Festool CMS-VL MFT/3 Router Table Set 57000024 (replaces P00109) – Portable precision for your most exacting needs

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For those who have the MFT/3 Multifunction Table, this Festool CMS-VL is designed to attach seamlessly to create a large and stable work surface. It’s specially made to enhance routing work, with built-in functionality for all your precision tasks. Part of the Festool System of fully integrated power tools, work tables and storage solutions, the CMS-VL connects in seconds to the MFT/3, and is designed for multipurpose use when portability and easy storage are important factors. It’s lightweight with a small footprint.

The CMS-VL router table set is compatible with OF 1010 and OF 1400 routers (not included) and it is easily adjustable for full control over the work piece, yielding perfect results. Components include an extremely smooth sliding table, sturdy extension table, precise miter gauge plus a featherboard with hold-down options. These elements work together for optimal results in the workshop or remotely on a job site. The CMS router table integrates with Festool routers, dust extractors, MFT tables and other Festool products.

The CMS VL has the same features and functionality as the CMS GE, but it cannot be used as a free-standing router table. It must be used with the MFT/3.


Precision: Independently adjustable fences with precision micro-adjustment.
System Integration: Works seamlessley with Festool OF 1400 & OF 1010 routers delivering maximum precision, efficiency and without hassle of patchwork system.
Dust Control: Captures and contains chips / debris at point of creation, saving time & money wasted on cleanup, and gets you closer to the work and out of your customer’s driveway.
Dust Extraction Compatibilty: CMS Hose system compatible with all Festool Dust Extractors (with the exception of the CT Mini or CT Midi)
Portability: Compact footprint and folds up nice and compact for easy transport. Only takes seconds to set up.
Height Compatible: Height matches up with the MFT/3 MultiFunction Table and Kapex UG extentions for additional support
Integrated router lift: Insert the handle to the top (or bottom) of table and crank the lift to raise or lower the router bit height to as fine as 1/256-inch increments.
Fully Adjustable Fence: Independently adjustable sides with precision micro-adjustment.
Sliding Table: Multiply the surface area of the table for increase control and maneuverability of the workpiece.
Integrated Adjustable Stop Points: Easy set-up of repeat cuts like stopped dados.
Mounting Points: For optional Miter Gauge provides means to set angles and clamp material to the fence of the gauge and move the entire piece in harmony with the sliding table
Mitre Gauge: For use routing miters, angle cope routs and many other angled joints. Attached fence has an integrated T-slot for attaching clamps for secure and stable routing.
Chip Guard: Chip guard provides great visibility of cutter and workpiece while minimizing exposure to the cutter.
Start Pin: The starting pin allows guidance into the cut as an index point while doing freehand edge work like raised panels, coves, roundovers, beads, etc.

Type: MFT/3 Add-on Module
Max Cutter Diameter (OF 1010 Router): 2″ (51mm)
Max Cutter Diameter (OF 1400 Router): 2-11/32″ (60mm)
Dust Extraction Fence Connector Diameter: 36mm
Dust Extraction Router Connector Diameter: 27mm
Height, Legs Unfolded: 35-7/16″
Height, Legs Folded: N/A
Table Dimensions: 18-23/32″ x 30″-23/32″

Router Table (P00110)
Router Module and Fence
Auxilliary Dust Hool w/ Starting Pin
Miter Gauge (488451)
Sliding Table (492100)
Dust Extraction Hose Set (488292)

DOES NOT INCLUDE A ROUTER (compatible w/ OF 1400 and OF 1010)

ROUTERS   OF 1400 or OF 1010

Weight102.0 lbs
Dimensions49.00 × 39.00 × 25.00 in


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